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intermittently unsuccessful restores

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Our Oracle DBAs perform their own restores using our NB (8.2). One of them has been having a problem :


"Could someone please help me troubleshoot the error from the alert log?
I ran into this error while restoring XYZPRDB database from 2017 October backups on xyzdbdvh1 host.
Before the failed restore I had one successful restore.

ORA-19507: failed to retrieve sequential file, handle="xyzprdb_ONLINE_20170401_1800.p1.s224212.940198269", parms=""
ORA-27029: skgfrtrv: sbtrestore returned error
ORA-19511: Error received from media manager layer, error text:
Backup file <xyzprdb_ONLINE_20170401_1800.p1.s224212.940198269> not found in NetBackup catalo
failover to previous backup



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It means Orcale requestd backup xyzprdb_ONLINE_20170401_1800.p1.s224212.940198269 but Netbackup answered it didn't know about that backup.

My recommendation is to run a RMAN "cross check" to sync the RMAN recover catalog with the Netbackup catalog. Please consult your DBA.

Once RMAN and Netbackup agree what backups exist, RMAN may choose to restore a different backup.

Also there is a general help to find in:

Best Practice for maintaining a consistent backup catalog between Oracle RMAN and NetBackup

Thanks. I'll pass this on to the DBA experiencing this.