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invalid command parameter


NBU = 7.5

OS = windows 2008R2


Error while Configure Disk Storage Server => De-duplication



invalid command parameter. RDSM has encounter an STS error: UpdateStorageServer config

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A few reasons for this one -

A few reasons for this one - at which point does it fail and is it from the wizard or the command line?


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Screenshot from 2014-05-09 19:01:23.png


Tell us as much as you  can

Tell us as much as you  can please .. server O/S, NetBackup version etc.

Have you tried before and had a failure?

Is everything fully qualified it terms of names as i see in your screen shot?

Is this run from the Master, if so which O/S, is UAC enabled, etc etc.



I already mentioned in my

I already mentioned in my first post that NBU Server is 7.5 and OS is 2008R2. Its a master/Media Server. I am running the NBU Console run as administrator


OK - and is that the master

OK - and is that the master you are configuring or another media server?

Can you setup nbrmms logging on the media server being configured to see what that says.

See these tech notes:

Check licenses on the media server, check to see if the ost-plugins/mediaservername.cfg file has been left behind from an earlier attempt


Check for the installed

Check for the installed licenses on your master/media server :-

Required :-

Dedupe license, OST-Plugin license.



I have faced the similar


You can check below


Which Feature ID shows its a

Which Feature ID shows its a De-Duplication License , after running the below command

bpminlicense -list_keys -verbose


Don't know about ID, but

Don't know about ID, but description will have PureDisk as part of it.


Feature ID      = 86 PureDisk

Feature ID      = 86 PureDisk Remote Office

Feature ID      = 85 PureDisk Option


Resolved. I created one

Resolved. I created one parent folder on partition which required be used as storage path


I've seen this error a few

I've seen this error a few times.  Typically the admin log file (master) and the /usr/openv/volmgr/debug/tpcommand or <install_path>Veritas\Volmgr\debug\tpcommand log file are useful for figuring out what is going awry.



I wish we could see

I wish we could see screenshots of how the storage path and the database path were entered during the wizard configuration.

It is difficult to try and troubleshoot after the fact when we have no insight into the steps that were taken.
If we knew that only a drive letter was entered without a sub-directory underneath it, we would've pointed out that a directory path was needed.

Deb, good point about the logs.
Wish admin log existed by default on a master and media server. We normally think about logs 'after the fact'.
I would never guess about tpcommand... (not at all mentioned in Dedupe Guide).

Maybe Zahid will create a blog, starting with the need for log folders before the wizard is started and with step-by-step configuration screenshots...


LOL - yeah - I found out

LOL - yeah - I found out about the tpcommand log the hard way.


Looks like Zahid figured this out Smiley Happy  Good job!!!