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is there a command to get tape usage ?

Level 3
   I've got a tape machine w/ 60 tapes and would like to know how much free space ( or space used )
for capacity planning purposes.


Level 6
It's hard to calculate how much free space is left on a tape. Amount of data you can store on a tape depends on compression you are getting on the backup data. You can run available_media, which is in goodies directory to get an idea on how much data is stored on each tape.

Level 6
You any good at scripting?
(I don't know command line command, you would have to look it up)
but on the gui the report Images On Media tells you what is on the tape and how many kb.
now if you could script that and awk out the kb's and add it up you would know how much is on the tape,  then  as Bob said you have to figure out how much is left based on tape and compression.

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I have a VBScript for Windows that could be tweaked to produce a listing/CSV of actual amount of data stored per media.
Across 1250 media, I do get an average of 200GB per LTO1 media.  I get 215 GB average in one library, and 185 GB in the other library - one houses mostly production clients, and the other mostly UAT/test/dev clients.
I've even once seen 542 GB on one LTO1.

Level 6
Don't forget that retention also determines overall how mauch data can go on a tape because Netbackup does not mix retentions. So if you have an 18 month retention for 1 policy then onlly the data in that particular policy will go on the tape.

Level 4
Hi Gurus,
       How netbackup manage with expiry date of the media and images on the media  ?
 i.e will the media expire before the images on particular media expire ?
 it should not happen like that so can any on tell the behaviour of media and its images ?