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is there any way to find whole 2017 backup history for one client even images already expired?


For a special purpose, we are requested to provide whole 2017 backup history for one client. Some images already expired, tried with Console, NOM and command line but no lucky. We are on Netbackup 8.0. Any ideas?

thank you in advance !


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not possible without OpsCenter Analytics which can log history up to several years, depending on the type of record.

P.S. I guess that "special purpose" is an auditor request..


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I am always curious about these kinds of requests...

Why would records beyond expiration date be needed? 
The purpose of Retention Levels is that information and restores are no longer required or available after expiration date.

So, simply not possible.
You can only report on valid, unexpired backups.
Unless you have OpsCenter Analytics that has been configured as per @Michal_Mikulik1's post.


You are SOL, unless you planned ahead. 

As already discussed, if you had setup the OPSCenter retention to be more than a year, you could generate a report there.

I have gotten around this by running a report of the next 24 hours backups and having my operations staff check off backups as they occur, and keeping a paper copy. I also have been able to print out the schedule of the expected backups, and a report showing that they ran as expected.

It should be reasonable to an auditor to validate the shedule and your process to validate that you have in fact been doing the backups as scheduled, even though they have expired and there is no record of them.

If you keep your catalog backups, you can restore your catalog and show the backups ( THIS IS NOT SOMETHING I WOULD EVER WANT TO DO!)


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