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is there anyway I can check for any clients not list in the netbackup

I know in the past I ran something in the Netbackup and it will pull the list of server name from DNS and if it not see it in Netbackup I will get the list.. can't seem to find that function any more... any thought or I am just crazy ? 

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the only thing I know if is NOM or Ops Center running a list of VM's not being backed up - but only if you are backing them up AS vm's and not just normal clients.

Hi,  you are look for this.


 you are looking for "Configure Client". See picture where is it.


I have never seen that

I have never seen that feature/function in the 12 years that I've worked with NBU.

NBU only knows about the Clients for which policies exist (Host Properties -> Clients).

people will think I am crazy,

people will think I am crazy, but I been in Netbackup since the dawn of 3.2 andI know for fact there was either command or script with in the goodies directory I can ran and it will query dns for list of server then compare it against Netbackup Master list, I think I use that command/scripts on 5.1 version....

I dont think this is exactly

I dont think this is exactly what you are after but it may help:

The only other things i can think of are the bpcoverage / check_coverage commands