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legalities regarding using veritas client as a "piggy back"

Level 2
I do not know where to post...
I am looking for docs, papers anything regarding to use of the netbackup (Veritas client)

Would it be possible to have a server running the veritas client collect data from another server and port all its data to the veritas server?

I need hard core paper to say yes or no, where would I find this? I can not find anything on the veritas site

In other words:
I have server that does not have a veritas client running on it, it pushes its backups (FTP) to a server that is running a veritas client and both the host server and remote server are backed up.

Level 6
Hello Laura,
Here is the hard evidence you requested:
From VERITAS Software
VERITAS System Administrator's Guide for UNIX, Volume I
Chapter 3, Managing Backup Policies
page 85

Advantages of Using Follow NFS Mounts
Following NFS mounts eliminates the need to locate and log on to the systems where the
files actually reside. If the files are mounted on the NetBackup client, you can back up,
archive, and restore them by working from the NetBackup client, providing you have the
necessary permissions on the NFS mount. One use for this capability is to back up systems
that are not supported by NetBackup client software.

The manual may be downloaded from thew VERITAS website at:
VERITAS NetBackup (tm) 5.0 System Administrator's Guide, Volume I for UNIX