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local service is not allowed to request restore

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Dear Sirs,

After updating from Netbackup 9.1 to 10.1, the bprestore procedure does not work, which previously ran successfully

Bprestore is launched via backup_exit_notify script

Bprestore log contains the message: User LOCAL:SERVICE is not allowed to request restore of an image for client …Name1 from peer …Name2

Attached is owner-local_service.jpg; it shows that owner LOCAL:SERVICE. This is not enough

What needs to be done to make bprestore run as "root"?

For information: Netbackup Request Daemon Log On As - Local System



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Hi @AndriiPushkarov 

Have you checked the altnames folder to ensure that the upgrade didn't change anything there? Altnames is found on the master in <INSTALLPATH>\Veritas\NetBakcup\db\altnames - either place the No.Restrictions touch file, or the files required to support what you are trying to do. Refer to the server admn guide for more details on partial restrictions. 


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I think that your problem is with the user who starts netbackup services.
As this technote mentions, in new netbackup installations, the user is  "local service" and not  "local system."
Upgrading a netbackup installation should not change the user. But I had seen this change before.

What you need is to change the user of netbackup services back to "local system.". Keep a screenshot of netbackup services before changing the user, just in case.
1) Stop all NetBackup services at master server
2) Ran below command to change the user as LocalSystem from LocalService
C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\goodies\nbserviceusercmd.exe -changeUser LocalSystem
If netbackup is not at your C: drive, change the path
3) Start all the NetBackup services at master server



Yes, the directory <INSTALLPATH>\Veritas\NetBakcup\db\altnames contains the necessary files

Thanks for the information provided

The server was installed according to Veritas recommendations - the user is "local service" and not "local system"
On Netbackup 9.1, the backup_exit_notify script ran successfully. At the same time, Netbackup Request Daemon was launched from “Local System”
If no other solution is found, then we will configure the launch of all services from the Local System