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logs for NetBackup Jobs

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we have to monitor NetBackup Jobs. At the moment we are using REST API calls to get jobs details. but unfortunately this method is not helping out due to limitations. Now we are looking for options to monitor with logs.

where I can find the logs which provide us jobs information. we don't have access access to NetBackup servers So I can't search myself. If we can get the location and log filename then we can check with Admins. these servers are installed on windows.





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If you have to monitor NBU jobs why don't you try with NBU Java or webui or command line ie bpdbjobs... these all three can show live what is going on out there... and if you dont have access to NBU servers than I am confused... its like you need to drive a car to certain destination but without having access to steering wheel, accelerator, break etc... interesting....

Firstly we have 10 servers so its not feasible to login to each server everyday to monitor jobs. we are trying to get logs on monitoring tool called Splunk. I don't have access to NBU server means I can't login to server to check where  logs are produced. Only Admins can do that. My job is configure monitoring tools to get the logs. Once I know that logs are getting generated somewhere I will setup a way to receive data in monitoring tool. 

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OpsCenter Analystics can do the job of store Netbackup job information. And it does all sort of reporting activities as well.

You can see in this tech note where Netbackup store the job information :

Thank you @Nicolai : I believe Admins are already using OpsCenter on individual servers. but we are looking a common platform where we can monitor jobs across all servers. In 2nd link I can see logs getting generated at specific location even though it detailed logs but  we can give it a try if that works in our case. Thanks Again.

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@Agoyals My Netbackup knowledge is getting rusty, but I am pretty sure one OpsCenter server can collect data from multiple Netbackup master servers, as long as there is IP connectivity.


@Nicolai Thanks may be you are right. I don't have much knowledge regarding this. Just saw once in screenshot that they are using OpsCenter. Not entirely sure what is the limitation in OpsCenter so they are trying to migrate to 3rd Party monitoring tool. At present we are using REST API method but issue is not be able to get all jobs status.
Looks like max no. of jobs can be retrieved at once is 100 and we are getting much more than that.

I am running this every 5 mins, which get the 100 jobs updated recently. but during the day sometimes number could go about 100 and we missed some jobs. 

https://<NBU SERVER>/netbackup/admin/jobs?page[limit]=100&sort=-lastUpdateTime

Not sure if you have any idea to enhance this request to get all jobs.

Hi @Agoyals 

Is there anything wrong with the data you receieve with the API call? If this is good for you you can either increase the page limit value beyond 100, or run the command multiple times using the additional paramter of page[Offset], to get the remaining jobs. 


Thanks @davidmoline I have already tried that but its not a good idea for scalability. In future no. might go high. Also it cause some other issues as well like too many requests hitting production server. Also it will cause some anomaly in monitoring tool. Overall it will be better to get all updated jobs in with 1 request.


OpsCenter can monitor and report on multiple NetBackup master backup servers and thousands of backup clients. I've used OpsCenter to collect and monitor over 100 master servers via a single OpsCenter reporting server. Don't expect it to be fast but it does work. Also be aware that OpsCenter is slated to retire and the replacement tools is Veritas Aptare.