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master server crash

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I faced with a situation I'd be grateful if you could help.

I had a master server and a media server attached. we had policies for oracle that connects to the client and started an script to make a backup using rman.

now we totally lost our master server but our backups are safe in the media server. I have to say that we lost the server we have backedup from as well. what can I do to manually add backupfiles to the master server catalog to be able to run the restore script?

we don't have any catalog backup from the master server.

both master and media servers are running on windows server


thank you.



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Hi @elahe89 

My recommendation is to call Veritas support or local Netbackup consults to help you out.

Restoring a master server is complicated and difficult task, not for the faint of heart.

The fact that you don't have catalog backups, complicated the matter even more.

 @davidmoline  You are needed ....

Hi @davidmoline 

Could you please give us some hints in which how can we restore our servers by just having the oracle database backup file in the media server safe and sound?

You'd be a life saver.



Do you think I can do something if I follow these steps?

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Sorry no - a catalog recovery requires catalog backups that you stated you don't have.

I am afraid there are no easy fixes here.

What have you left from the old master server ?  Doesn't the server boot or is everything on it gone for good ?

dear @Nicolai 

we absolutely have nothing from the master server. the whole machine and the related backups are encrypted due to a DR.

the only thing that we have left is our media servers with backup files from the oracle server.

I wonder to know if we have any chance to setup a new master server and add the backup files manually to the master server so we could perform restore from the target server?

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Pls call a Veritas support - You can't fix this yourself.

There is possibility to build a new master server, and do media import from the media server. But media import will take days or even weeks and the complexity is high. Also the import is highly dependant on what media backups are stored on (disk,tape, MSDP)

You cannot add backup files manually to a new master server. The files alone doesn't do it. The Netbackup catalogue need to know what backup exists and where they are located.

A highly trained Netbackup consultant can help you. 

It is impossible to assist you all the way thru forum posts.


Hi @elahe89 

I operate in a different timezone (Australia), so I'm only seeing this now. Without a catalog backup, about the only way to recover your existing backups is via the 2 phase import process. You haven't indicated what medium your backups are on (I hope tape as any disk based backup would be suspect I fear). 

You will need to build a new master server and add the existing media server to this. Again depending on what backup devices the media server uses, this can be a complex process. I can only recommend @Nicolai's suggestion and call support and request their assistance. 

Here's a link on how the import process works - 

If you really have no catalog backup, can I suggest your rebuilt master server be built on a Linux operating system. This is less prone to ransomware attacks than Windows. 

Good luck.



One of your FIRST orders of business in data protection is to protect your own master server and MAINLY your NetBackup catalog with backups to recover from. NetBackup provides a way for a Hot Catalog backup and will also send you a Disaster Recovery file for situations exactly like this. But you have to set all this up for your own good!

I'm trying to think how "I" would even recover from a total loss without a catalog backup.


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@DPeaco - I am still having dozen of domains which writes to tapes... Tape manager is receving emails twice a week with information which tapes to take out (weekly, monhtly, daily) and which to put back in (scratch). In the same email I am attaching outcomes from following command:

bpimagelist -A -media -hoursago 528

also in the same I am providing this (well there are some pool names etc)


Of course we do run catalog backups - but I think it is better to have more information than less ;)

this should provide me some idea what tapes to import in first place.


This was a badly implemented NetBackup setup. A DR ended up into your data being encrypted!

Once you have gotten your data back (or not): Best that the backup admin/management look into readying the NetBackup Backup Planning and Performance Tuning Guide. Especially the Best Practices section (it will point you to other admin guides as well). But the very first recommendation for DR in that guide is - "Always use a scheduled catalog backup". Loosing the master shouldn't mean that you loose the catalog - plan better next time on having redundant backup copies of the catalog.

Better let the management know that recovery isn't going to be easy or 100% or free. Then call Veritas support as suggested above.