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maximum supported NBU client version for SunOS 5.9 and 5.8

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I need the maximum supported NBU client version for SunOS 5.9 and 5.8 My master server is on NBU

Kindly suggest what is the maximum supported NBU client version.



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Solaris Sparc 9 last client version was 7.5
Solaris Sparc 8, Solaris X86  8 and Solaris X86 9 last client version was 6.5

If they work with 10.x master server. I do not know.
I have some AIX clients using 6.5 c;ient working with NBU 8.x

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Currently we are running NBU Client on the SunOS 5.8 and 5.9 but some of the DB backups are failing at our end with compatibility issue.

We need at least NBU client 7.7.3 for the DB backups to run  successfully. 

We are facing issue while upgrading the NBU client to ( / / 7.7.3)

Is there any way to install NBU Client ( / / 7.7.3)

Kindly suggest how to install on SunOS 5.8 and 5.9 

Hi @Senthil-skr 

It is unlikely that you will be able to install a NetBackup client version 7.6.x or 7.7.x. As you have a NetBackup 10.x master, one way to proctect the databases could be to make use of universal shares (from MSDP), or simply dump the database locally and sweep with NetBackup. 

For the universal share - mount the backup volume on the Solaris host and dump the database to that (your DBAs may also like this method more that using the NetBackup agent. Details can be found in the deduplication guide for your version.

For standard file systems backups, they should continue to operate without issue (but no support) as @StefanosM has indicated. 


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We are protecting some Solaris 9 SPARC: last NetBackup Client supported is

Originally the Master Server was 8.2: we recently upgraded to without problems. Backups and restores work ok against the clients.

We are aware that NetBackup 7.5 has no support: unfortunately we have no other options because the Solaris 9 can't be migrated yet. We are glad that even without support, it still works.