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migrating off 7.7.x

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Brainstroming an idea of migrating the masters server and the media servers off 7.7.x on windows to Solaris 11.

Do we know if Solaris 11 is deemed to be a product that Veritas is actively supporting, developing and have a roadmap/EOL date for NBU 8.1.x ?

Further, what are the big ticket items to take into account in the migration from Windows ?

Thanks in advance.



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EOSL for NBU 8.1.x will only be determined when the next NBU major/minor version is released. 

Select 'NetBackup Enterprise Server' under * Product over here:

As far as migration of NBU master from Windows to Solaris/Linux or any Unix version is concerned - 
this is a Consulting engagement that can only be performed by Veritas consultants or a handful of partners that have received special training. 

DOCUMENTATION: How to migrate the NetBackup catalog information from one platform to another (UNIX to Windows or vice versa), rename a Master Server, cluster an existing Master Server, or merge multiple NetBackup domains.

Replacing media servers is not a 'big deal'. Simply deploy new media server and then decommission old media server. 

 As far as OS Compatibility is concerned - there is no indication of Veritas dropping support for Solaris any time soon. This could change if Oracle decides to change direction. 

See NBU 8.x OS SCL:

When support will be dropped in a 'next' version, we normally see something like this as a footnote:
NetBackup #.# and later does not support this CPU architecture

I would personally go for RHEL, rather than Solaris. 


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I can't speak for Veritas but considering that Oracle themselves decided to wind down active development of Solaris and it only runs on SPARCs that haven't seen major updates for years and nothing in the roadmap, I'd not be surprised if Solaris will be next on the chopping block. At the same time Linux is growing and RHEL would be a sure bet.

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Completely agree with Marianne and Mouse. Also have you seen any quotes recently for Solaris SPARC h/w and maintenance vs. equivalent x86 servers? I think you will find there is a huge difference and you would need a very good reason to want to move to Solaris (in my opinion anyway).