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missmatch on filter between flat and hierarchical view

As we recognized through the update to NetBackup 7.7.1 so we have to use the Java version of the Administratrion Console now, there is a discrepancy between the filter settings of the flat and the hierarchical view.

When you set a filter an switch the view, the filter settings are not applied for the other view.

An other behaviour we noticed is that if you set up a filter in the hierarchical view, which has no results to display. You can reset the filter settings only using the context menu. The Clear Filter button in the menu bar remains empty.


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Have you logged a Support

Have you logged a Support call to report the issue?

No. This is just a

No. This is just a cosmetically issue and we only want to know if other users experiencing the same problem.

Your post is marked with 'I

Your post is marked with 'I need a Solution' ...... 

I've corrected that.

I've corrected that.