mongodb backup support of netbackup 8.12

Hi All,

Can ı backup mongodb with netbackup 8.1.2?


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Re: mongodb backup support of netbackup 8.12

Not yet....

Herewith latest DB Compatibility list :

*** EDIT ***

MongoDB is currently in BETA testing, so, will hopefully be included in the next NBU update. 

Re: mongodb backup support of netbackup 8.12

Hi Oyunmax,

As Marianne has stated, not supported as yet.  However, as an interim measure you should be able to take a flat file dump of the Mongo DB and back that up as part of a normal filesystem backup.

I've currently got one MongoDB database which is running on Windows that I backup.  This particular one is used for signage on Sony Bravia TV's.  To back this up, we have a scheduled task that calls:

C:\Program Files\MongoDB\Server\3.2\bin\mongodump.exe with the following parameters --out C:\DB-Backups.  This does a dump of the DB to C:\DB-Backups.

Not sure if your environment is Windows or Linux/Unix, but you could use mongodump as an interim method.

Hope this helps,