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move netbackup 3.4 clients to new master server running 5.1

Level 2



I have 7 netbackup clients that need be moved from their existing master server NB3.4 to a new master server NB5.1.

My main worry is maintaining our restore capability on these clients once they are moved.

They can see both masters at the same time, but if I upgrade the clients to 5.1 then they will no longer be able to connect to the old master.

If I don't upgrade the clients I am worried they will not work on the new NB 5.1 environment.

Short of importing all the backup images on tape from the old master server environment to the new master server environment, are there any other ways of making sure I can restore?


Thanks in advance




Level 6

Upgrade the clients, 5.1 is much better and is a good lead into 6.5.3 which has some good features. 


If you need a restore, restore to the Master or another box then move the data.

Level 4

If I were you I would install a NetBackup 6.5 server, then just import all of the tapes. You will go through allot of pain going upgrading your NetBackup master to 4 then 5 then 6. It does not sound like you have that many clients so this route may be less work, especially if you have any corruption in your catalog. If you need to do a restore from the old 3x server you can always downgrade your client, or restore to an alternate client then manually copy over the data.

Level 6

you say the old master is still around.


How long are your rentention periods on the tapes.?



I was in kind-of the same boat.


Put in my new master

backed up all clients to my new master - but did NOT upgrade the clients.

kept my old master around to do restores from.

Once all tapes expired that my old master had, I then upgraded the clients to the same level as the new master.


Level 2

Thanks to all who replied.


I am going to move the clients to the new master server, but not upgrade them until a full cycle of backups has run. Any restores can if be done on the old master if necessary ( clients will be able to se both ).

Once a complete cycle has been run on the new master server, I will upgrade the clients.