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msdp password recovery in new media server

Level 2
I have the following problem : i had an msdp running on win 2008 r2 nbu version is 7.7.1. But the Windows OS crashed and the msdp password is not known. Is there a way of recovering this msdp after reinstalling the server OS and netbackup ?
The msdp disk is on an external lun so it's available.

Level 6

See if this article helps provide the solution to your problem. In your case, ignore step 2 and proceed from step 1 to step 3, then 4


Hello Davidmoline
Thanks for the response. is this article applicable if the operating system disk of the msdp has been reinstalled ? the netbackup binaries were installed in this operating system disk.

Yes - as long as the entire MSDP data was contined on your external disk, then the user information is contained within that area (specifically in a number of files in under this directory <PATH_toMSDP>\databases\spa\database\).
Remember to install the same version of NetBackup (including patches/EEBs if known) to do the recovery.


I followed the steps below.

- Install same OS version win 2008 R2,

- Install same netbackup version,

- attached old msdp disk,

Follow this link

1. first step returned root as the username

3. Step 3 returned the output below

C:\Program Files\Veritas\pdde>spadb.exe -d E:\msdp\databases -c "update authenti
cation set passwd=9e96559b23ad93f0b8990539331441ca where id=1"

Warning: 119: dctstrcpy: insufficient buffer
Warning: 119: dctstrcpy: insufficient buffer

run the 3 command 

4. Step 4 returned the output below

C:\Program Files\Veritas\Volmgr\bin>tpconfig -update -storage_server msdp -stype
PureDisk -sts_user_id root -password Passw0rd1234
Failed to open server connection to type PureDisk server msdp: Error = 2060023
server is shut down
Authorization failed for OpenStorage server msdp

C:\Program Files\Veritas\Volmgr\bin>


I've seen a note that the buffer warning may be able to be ignored. Let's piut that on hold for now.

For the final command, you have specified the storage server name as msdp. This seems unusual, it is normally the name of the media server itself. Please check the storage server name by running the command "nbdevqury -liststs -stype PureDisk", or look in the GUI under "Media and Device Management->Credentials->Storage Servers" to identify the name to use.

Then try that last command again using the updated name.