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nbdeployutil download/install

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We have a rather old installation of NetBackup (; updating in progress) and the currently installed version of nbdeployutil does not seem to be working for us. It was recommended to download the latest version of nbdeployutil but, unless I am completely missing it, the download page does not actually have any links to the available bits. It does have a link to an 'EBB' but we are trying to be as careful as possible not to harm the current masters. I copied and tested the current 8.1.2 nbdeployutil binary (that I found on one of our newer Test NetBackup Masters into /tmp of one of the older masters and it seems to run just fine - can't tell if the results are correct as it seems not to be reporting on all of the clients even with the --hoursago switch set to 8760 (1 year). I did this as I am hoping to find online and run just the latest nbdeployutil binary to see if I get different results.





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You can maybe try this one. It's for but maybe it will work for you. I think the 8.1.2 version might be a bit new.

You need to open a support case to get it.

Thanks, Riaan (hope I got your name right)

I checked the page and I am not actually seeing a download link to the nbdeployutil binary. I am logged into my Veritas account. Sorry if I am just missing it. Is there a place where I can just get the nbdeployutil binary so that I can test it in /tmp - assuming this will work?



Do you have an OpsCenter server with Analytics?

Have you tried to run the license capacity report from the web GUI?

I don't believe so - just the NetBackup master/media servers.