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Dear Veritas Enthusiasts,


i would like to ask if anybody has additional information about the nbhypervtool.exe.


i need to know what nbhypervtool.exe does in the back, does it only delete the snapshot, is it the same as using the powershell cmdlet remove-vmsnapshot or there is slightly different functionality.


i am asking for these details in the context of some left snapshots of hyper-v virtual machines and the possible supported steps to remove old snapshots that netbackup left after the backup.


thank you in advance!


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According to the CLI guide it does the following:

The nbhypervtool utility removes orphaned NetBackup WMI checkpoints (snapshots) of a Hyper-V virtual machine on Windows 2016 or later.

This command operates only on Windows systems.

The guide gives these examples for removing snapshots:

Example 3 - Delete NetBackup WMI checkpoints for a virtual machine by its display name:

nbhypervtool.exe deleteNbuCheckpoints -vmname VM1

Example 4 - Delete NetBackup WMI checkpoints for a virtual machine by its GUID:

nbhypervtool.exe deleteNbuCheckpoints -vmguid 4c080c63-72b4-462b-b4b3-372e0f4cab04

The link to the guide for further information is at

Hi Nick,


thanks for your input. it is good to know that. i have reviewed this together with the information in the following sources:


however there is no specification what and how is performed in the back of the tool, i would like to know if it is simple remove-vmsnapshot.


any suggestions are more than welcome!


thanks in advance!