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netapp cdot smtape option

we are using netbackup and doing several netapp cdot 8.3 backups, which are not cab but node-scope-mode.  in the policy the client is the netapp node that physically has the volume attached, and the include list is /vserver/volume.  we need to do a "smtape" backup for a volume, but when we add "set type = smtape" to the include list, we get an error 99.  the job details log shows: "Backup operation type 'smtape' not supported".  backing up a netapp in 7-mode volume with the smtape option works fine. upgrading to 7.7 which has more cdot flexibility isn't an option in the near future.  has anyone used this option with cdot and nb7.6 successfully? thanks.

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I cannot recall seeing any

I cannot recall seeing any customer using 8.2 cdot and *any* version of NetBackup with thoption SET TYPE=SMTAPE.

The message "Backup operation type 'smtape' not supported" is most likely being listed after "filername:" indicating this is a message from the filer. It would be more approriate to approach the NetApp forums or support for more details regarding their support of a backup type smtape while in cmode as this has less to do with NetBackup and more to do with the filer capabilities.