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netbackuo MSDP component

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in neetbackup msdp component  i know that image and deduplication dadtabase (metadadat for dedublication) reside on medi server deduplication pool

but what the important  of storage path and database path ???

i didnot get that it used to save rawbackup data and the other on for strcture of stored deduplcated data



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The storage path is the directory in which NetBackup stores the raw backup data

database path is the one where it stores deduplication database, this is very important to for deduplication to perfrom the dedup algorithm.

actually i now that 

1- deduplication data base store and manage metadata of deduplicatopn like finger print file owner 

2- media server deduplication  pool store image and 4% for deduplication  database 

and also during configuration 

3- storage path for image 

4- database path for metadata 

so if i have storage path for image and database path for database why i need other drive for storage pool 

i get cunfused between this thangs