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netbackup 6.5 bpcoverage alternative?


We have netbackup 6.5 and I have been asked to create a report of what is getting backed up.  I can use bpplclients to get a list of client hosts, but do not see anything that gives me a reasonable report on what is covered aside from bpcoverage (or check_coverage) which takes 3-4 minutes for each host, and won't tell me about rman backups. 

bpcoverage has a -no_client_query option, but that doesn't work with "coverage" report which is the one I am interested in.

Aside from that, I like the format, and the information is okay.  Can someone please point me in the right direction?

Thank you!


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The coverage report does

The coverage report does *not* return valid data -- does not take include/exclude lists into account.  There must be a way to get a report on what is getting backed up


I try to turn it around, asking "what do you need to be backed up and what should be excluded?"

Unfortunately the first reply is too often "back up everything and keep it forever" but it is a starting point in the conversation. 


Thanks Bill!

We do get backup requirements when we are asked to backup a system (the level of helpful detail varies), and we file them away, but we need to be able to verify that we are meeting those requirements succinctly, without listing all the files, and in a way that will be easy to understand by the application owners so we can make them responsible for their specification.

Thanks again!