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netbackup 7.5 exchange backup completes with a zero ret code , exchange reports 17 of 50 stores failed to backup

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Last night we an interesting backup session.

We had a netbackup job start up to backup up exchange 2010 with this selection.

Microsoft Exchange Database Availability Groups:

Note we have the policy set to back up a passive copy and if the a passive copy is not available use the active copy.

There are multiple passive copies.

Like other days  netbackup built a set of jobs with multiple stores backups assigned to a set of exchange servers.

This started at 11:00hrs and completed the last job a little bit after midnight this morning.

The exchange admins have a job that checks the last backup date for the message stores at 09:00hrs. This morning this job reported a failure to have a backup in the last 36 hours for 17 of 50   stores.

Of course we see the stores that are marked as not completed in the last 36 hours  in the job act monitor for the exchange policy that completed with a return code of 0.

Has anyone else seen this with netbackup or backupexec? That is that the backup software reports a zero return code, and exchange does not have the backup status updated with this backup.

A follow backup was able to handle the backup correctly.


At this point I am not sure if this is a netbackup, windows, or exchange issue.

There are some issues in the event log. Not sure yet whose issue it is.

Just checking if others have seen this.







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if NetBackup activity monitor shows status 0 and backup images shows DB being backed up (under BAR GUI)

then it would be Exchange issue only, in case of DAG, DB copies ad transaction logs are replicated and this is done by replication writers, updation of this takes time (i'd similar case where in DB was getting backed up everyday but exchange fails to report it positive, turned out exchange replica writers which doesn't update this)

For parellal troubleshooting and safer side, ask your exchange team to look up on events and check with MS for this.

For interim, post bpfis. and bpbkar logs from clients