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netbackup bptm log

Level 3

Can i safely remove old log files from \Veritas\NetBackup\logs\bptm on a client. Noticed today that the D:\ drive is nearly full. I have 6 days of logs sitting here Or is there a way that i can  adjust the job that is createing them ti remove them sooner.  


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Is the client a media server as well?
bptm only runs on a media server and is resposible for writing to local storage unit (tape or disk).

You may want to check Host Properties to see if the client appears under Media Servers. Check Logging to see if bptm level was increased. If you are not experience any IO related backup errors, it is fine to reduce logging level to 0.

Days to Keep logs is a global parameter on master server Host Properties -> Cleanup.
The default is 28 days.


Yes,   this server is used as one of our Media servers. Since I am the only Admin of this service Logging levels should not have been changed> but it is strange that the first date started on the 23rd last Friday?  No IO errors have been seen. If you could point in the direction to check the log and see if bptm was increased would be great,

Thanks for Response

small correction:

Host Properties -> Logging

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Same as in my post above:
Host Properties -> Media Servers. Select media server name, then Logging. Check global level and bptm.