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netbackup malware scanner update definition

Level 4


how can update netbackup malware scanner definition? can be updated offline?

and another question is what's Symantec Protection Engine? is it different from Symantec Endpoint Protection? where is product page and how can download it?

Thanks in advance


Level 4


I havent heard any definition update so far. Best is to reach out Tech Support for this. I am sure they will have a comprehensive answers ready.

Level 3

Hello @alireza1023 @sanket_pathak1 

Thanks for your interest in Malware Scanner integration for scanning unstructured backup data.

Symantec Protection Engine/Endpoint offering and Microsoft Defender integrations are utilizing customer's existing licensing with respective vendors.

NetBackup Malware Scanner is provided by Veritas via our download center page. You can use the following instructions to configure a mirror server to retrieve the latest signature updates. Configuration of mirror server for Signature update - NetBackup Malware Scanner

NetBackup Malware scanner  installed on one or more scan hosts can then be pointed to the mirror server to retrieve updates. When doing this mirror server configuration, ensure your mirror server is pulling down the latest signatures at least 2-3 times a day. If the scan host is not pointed at the mirror server, then it will check (and if needed pull the latest definitions) before initiating a scan operation.



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