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netbackup service for exchange backup and granular recovery

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Hi all,

The customer refuses to use the domain admin account for the NetBackup Client Service logon for internal security stuff.

Can anyone inform us what are the exact privileges and roles needed of an account that we create and we use it for the NetBackup Client Service logon in place of the domain admin in order to backup a dag exchange and to do granular recovery.

Thank you very much in advance.



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Hi @Riadh_R17 

From the deep pits of my mind I recall these tech notes:

Best Regards


Hi @Nicolai 

Thank you very much for your help.

We will define an account as described in the links and try a backup job.


First, run the NetBackup Client Service as LocalSystem. That changed in NetBackup 7.6. Everyone stop telling customers to run it as the domain admin.

Second, we have documented the "minimal Exchange user" in the NetBackup for Exchange admin guide since 7.5.

Whether you use the minimal user or a more privileged one, you configure the credentials for this account in the client host properties for every Exchange server in your DAG.

The minimal user has one restriction. You can only use the active database copy option in your policy. This is a limitation in the Microsoft Active Directory API (ADSI). It won't enumerate the passive database copies unless we are running as a member of Organization Management. Domain Admins are members of Organization Management.