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netbackup upgrade check error ping localhost

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I want to upgrade from version 8.1.2 to 8.2, but when checking with the "Win_DCGUI" tool from I get an error, "Check Description: Checks if localhost could be resolved, pingable and pointed to itself.

Results: The host name [localhost] does not respond to a ping command. This test runs for upgrades if the installed NetBackup version is 7.7 or later.For NetBackup to function properly, the host name [localhost] must resolve to an IP address, respond to a ping command, and be a network interface on the local system. Refer to the following article for more details: Technote 100045507. ".

In summary bpclncmd is ok, the alias and the local host check is ok, but the ping to localhost returns ":: 1" instead of "".

I have disabled ipv6 from netsh, windows registry and from the network card, but even when pinging it returns me :: 1.

I have this error on my head and if someone can help me I would appreciate it.


Why not just editing hosts file?

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After making changes, to IPV6 or if you update / modify DNS / Hosts, you also need to tell NBU to refresh its cache, as it will still hold the original values it discovered.

<PATH_TO_INSTALL>\NetBackup\bin\bpclntcmd -clear_host_cache

you can then check what it resolved localhost to with

<PATH_TO_INSTALL>\NetBackup\bin\bpclntcmd -hn localhost