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network connection timed out(41)

Level 3
I have a problem with backup of my exchange 2000 server. The backup failed often with this error:
network connection timed out(41)
This server is be upgrade by exchange 5.5 and in this machine run Norton antivirus.
Have we idea for my problem?

I have:netbackup 5.0 MP2 and win 2000 server.

thank's a lot


Level 6
This note is from the sys admin guide:
Before backing up or restoring a disk-image, all applications that use a handle to the partition must be shut down, otherwise the operation will fail. Examples of such applications are Windows Explorer or Norton Antivirus.

That being said. There are scripts available in NetBackup that can be modified to shutdown the antivirus prior to the backup starting and then starting up the antivirus when the backup finishes. They are covered in vol2 of the sysadmin guide under the chapter called NetBackup Notify Scripts.Message was edited by:
Bob Stump

Level 2
Are you running two separate backups of the Exchange Server? (i.e. A standard backup and a Exchange client backup) Could they be stepping on each other. I have had the problem when two backups have attempted to backup the same file. Also, if the backup is a differential incremental and is going through a large directory of unchanged data then the client does not respond for a long time and the server thinks the backup had timed out. Just a few suggestions. I'm not a pro.

Level 3
Really on this machine (my exchange 2000 server) I' make two backup: one with netbackup (information stores and mailbox, full every day) and the second, for security, is the backup full with ntbackup of windows (scheduled task every day).
By your post, I'have understood that my problem could be the crossing of two process backup.
Thank's a lot


Level 2
You might check out this Tech doc from Veritas