new Linux client - 25 cannot connect on socket

we have win. 2000 master server in which we want to add a linux RHEL 4 client.
am not tech-say in linux env. but the linux people installed NB6.0 in the client box. but we are not able to connect the linux box from the master server.
added the hosts file in both the servers. the servers are able to ping each other with ip & name.
Can anyone pls. help me.
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Re: new Linux client - 25 cannot connect on socket

NBU version of master?
Are there any media servers doing the backup, or is the master also a media?
If media servers are being used, what O/S and NBU versions?
Is the client in a DMZ?
Try the following:
Step 1) Have you checked for dusplicate IPs, with...
$ nslookup master-ip
$ nslookup master-ip
$ nslookup client-ip
$ nslookup client-ip
If the results of the second lookup are different, then you have duplicate IPs and the NetBackup won't work.
Step 2) Does the client have the master server defined as the primary "SERVER"?
Get your Linux froods to run the following on the client:
$ bpgetconfig SERVER
...and there must be at least one entry of:
SERVER = master-name
...if it doesn't exist, or is not the master server name then get your Linux dudes to:
2a) Create a text file containing one line:
SERVER = mastername
2b) Update the client with:
$ bpsetconfig -h clientname myfile.txt
To test whether the master can see the client, you don't need to attempt test backups, you can simply:
$ bpgetconfig -g clientname show the client version.  If this command files, then backups/restores will fail.
HTH, Regards, Dave.

Re: new Linux client - 25 cannot connect on socket

Thank you very much David for a quick response.
let me tell one imp. thing.
The linux client is not in domain; its in workgroup.
we had just added the entry in the host file in both the servers, through which its communicating.
So nslookup doesnt work in both the servers. But the ping comand works for both IP & hostname.
One more interesting thing is that...when we ran bpgetconfig comand in client ...we are getting the error as
Evaluation software has expired. See for ordering information (161)
Linux is just a client in our env.
Thanks in advance

Re: new Linux client - 25 cannot connect on socket

Have you entered a licence onto your master server for at least one Linux client?

Re: new Linux client - 25 cannot connect on socket

Oh god!...pls dont tell me that we need a license....even for a client...Smiley Sad
we dont have one...for linux!

Re: new Linux client - 25 cannot connect on socket

Bad news I'm afraid.  You need at least one licence for each client type.
You may be able to get a temporary licence from your reseller - or possibly from Symantec Sales if you ask nicely.

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Re: new Linux client - 25 cannot connect on socket

From your Windows master server try the following:

telnet <linux hostname> 13782

You should see it connect and wait.
Press <return> a couple of times and it should exit back to a cmd prompt.

If you receive any error messages (typically libc++..... library missing), you need to install the libc compat RPM package(s).

Or log in to the linux host and run :
# ldd /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bpcd

Will list all shared libraries required for the bpcd binary. See your Linux admin to install any missing OS libraries.