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old catalog tapes

Level 4
Please help. We are running verision 5.1. We have old catalog tapes that have been hanging around in the silo for a long time. These catalog tapes have are created from the vaulting software. The catalog tapes that are taking up space are the offsite catalog tapes. Is there a way I can delete these tapes or reuse these tapes.

Level 6
Check these tech notes out:
How to reuse or recycle unnecessary VERITAS NetBackup database catalog tapes for normal backups
How to convert NetBackup catalog tape to NetBackup backup tape on Windows

Level 4
cd /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd

1) Check the "Images" database, if "no entity found", go to step#2:
./bpimmedia -U -mediaid

1a) Expire images if necessary:
./bpexpdate -m -d 0 -justimage

***re-run step #1 to re-check***

2) Check the "Media" databases, if not found go to step#3:
./bpmedialist -U -mlist �m

***It will check the media databases on all media servers until a hit***
***use the host name listed in output for the below command if found***

2a) Expire media database entry if necessary:
./bpexpdate -m -d 0 -justmedia -host

***re-run step #2 to re-check***

3) Check the "Volume" database:
cd /usr/openv/volmgr/bin
./vmquery -m

***Get the number in parentheses after "Pool name", and last digit of status (0x0 = 0; 0x1 =1)

4) Deassign the Media id:
./vmquery -deassignbyid

Example: ./vmquery -deassignbyid ABC123 13 0

***where the "13" is the pool number, and "0" is the status (0x0)**

***DO NOT DEASSIGN MEDIA WITHOUT PERFORMING previous three steps!!!***

The media would now be �AVAILABLE� and could be deleted or moved to another pool.

5) Delete it (if so desired):
./vmdelete -m

Level 6
VERITAS NetBackup Vault 5.1 System Administrators Guide for UNIX and Windows

Chapter 6

pages 135 and 136

You can download the manual from here: was edited by:
Bob Stump

Level 4
Thank you for the help everyone. I have deassigned some of the media that was for our offsite catalog tapes. Now I want to use them as regular tapes for backups. I know I need to relabel them so. Can I go to the media number under media, and right click on the tape number and perform a label job. Also, do I need to check or uncheck Verify Media Label Before Performing Operation. Once I relablel the tape can I put it back in scratch pool.

Veritas 5.1

Thank you David Beachboard