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oracle DB backup failed with EC-6

Level 3


One stream of oracle DB backup ,schedule full ,after writing 3+GB is failing with below error. Please assist.

Archive log and FS backups are working ok.DB backups are user initiated.

Master vers. - 7.7.2 , OS - Linux

07/31/2018 00:56:28 - started process bpbrm (pid=11175)
07/31/2018 00:56:28 - connecting
07/31/2018 00:56:29 - connected; connect time: 0:00:00
07/31/2018 00:56:31 - begin writing
07/31/2018 00:56:48 - Info dbclient (pid=11654) done. status: 6

07/31/2018 00:56:48 - Error bptm (pid=11178) media manager terminated by parent process
07/31/2018 00:56:51 - Info dbclient (pid=11654) done. status: 6: the backup failed to back up the requested files
07/31/2018 00:58:40 - end writing; write time: 0:02:09
the backup failed to back up the requested files (6)




Level 6
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You need to check the rman output file on the client.
Status 6 is a generic error that simply says that the rman script has failed.

Extract from Status Code manual:

Recommended Action: Do the following as appropriate:
■ Verify that you have read access to the files. Check the status or the progress
log on the client for messages about why the backup failed. Correct problems
and retry the backup.
■ The following information applies only to Windows clients:
Verify that the account used to start the NetBackup Client service has read
access to the files.
■ For a UNIX or Linux database extension client (for example, NetBackup for
Oracle), this status code can indicate a problem with the script that controls the
Check the progress report on the client for a message such as the following:
Script exited with status code = number
The number varies. The progress log usually names the script.
Check the script for problems. Also, check the troubleshooting logs created by
the database extension. See the NetBackup guide that came with the database
extension for information on the scripts and the troubleshooting logs.

it was an issue from the DBA end. They changed in backup script. its resolved now.