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oracle backup

NetBackup for Oracle uses the eXtensible Markup Language (XML) standard to represent relational database table data that is extracted from an Oracle database.
form the above comment my question is wither oracle client machine sends the database to target storage unit in XML format?

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Re: oracle backup

Curious to know why this is important to you?

I have never needed to know this in almost 18 years of assisting customers with Oracle backups...

If you cannot find the answer in NetBackup for Oracle Administrator's Guide  I guess you will need to get hold of Engineering.... 


Re: oracle backup


that is probably valid for XML archiver - possibility to backup Oracle data on a table level (export), not database level (RMAN).

However implementations are very rare, I also did not encounter a customer requirement to backup data in this way..

So review the chapter (Appendix F) carefully maybe there is an answer.