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performance tuning for NBU6.0 on a windows host

Hi all,

I have installed Netbackup.60 on a windows host(master server). I don't have any media servers or clients. But here I have configured windows host as NB server and another solaris host as EMM server.

I am getting very less throughput comparing with Netbackup5.1 version. Performance is very less. I haven't done any performance tuning for the windows host.
Windows host is very good h/w configured.

Processor: 2x3.20 gigahertz Intel Pentium 4 (dual processors)
Bus Clock: 800 megahertz
Physical memory: 3GB
S/W: Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition Service Pack 1 (build 3790)
HBA: QLogic Fibre Channel Adapter (2x) 2342

Could you please guide me how improve the performance with the windows host.

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Re: performance tuning for NBU6.0 on a windows host

A tried and true technote covers the buffers associated with NBU:

If you could provide some additional details such as whether you are backing up to tape or a disk storage unit that would help with some recommendations. If you are using tape the size of the data buffer should be set to the value recommended by the tape drive manufacturer and will be 128, 256 or 512kb. The number of data buffers is related to the amount of cache memory that your particular tape drive has.

Right now I have a Solaris test box running NB6.0 to an internal fibre disk storage unit and it sustains 48-50 MB/sec. NB6.0 will send data to a backup destination of tape or disk as fast as that tape or disk will write it. If you provide some more config details I will try to add more recommendations.