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policy automatically inactive

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Hi Folks,

I am having trouble with the policy in my Netbackup, this is only happening while I am creating a policy. whenever I create a policy it's automatically disabled. I wonder what is the root cause of this issue. your expert advice is much appreciated in this regard.



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adding on more things, this is only happening when I am creating a policy for oracle.


How are you creating the policy?

Are you copying from existing policy which is inactive?

Is there a future date in the policy under "Go into effect at:"?

Please share more details, if you have any, other than this that can help understand the problem.


I am creating a policy in the policies tab, it's a new installation that doesn't have any existing policy to copy from. I have noticed that whenever I use a template while creating any policy from the attached snapshot. The policy became inactive and when I creating a policy without using a template its working fine. since we bought this solution mainly to secure our database that's why I have to use the policy configuration wizard.


As @Tape_Archived asked, did you check if the "Go into effect at" date is in the future when you create the policy? The setting is on the top right of the policy Attributes tab (sample image of Attributes tab). Once you have created the policy using the wizard, open it and check the setting.


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Most of us do not use the policy wizard. I tried it once or twice and did not like it.
I still had to go back afterwards to edit some parameters.

It is possible that the wizard configures the policy as Inactive because some parameters are incomplete.

I prefer to use the 'old school' manual method and can therefore not tell you why exactly the wizard has a default of Inactive.