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problem with Netbackup 7 Installation.

I installed netbackup 7 server on Windows 2008 R2 server and windows and linux clients ,, after 3 dayes of work I had a problem with netbackup server because o electricity cutoff, so I unInstalled it from the server and tried to Installed it again . but i have a problem Reinstalling the server because the installation failed every time with the error saing that the installtion is interrupted befor if finish and i noticed that this problem appears after the installtion try to create the database.


I need help regarding this problem because it is a critical environment and the is no backup solution now.

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You should contact support,

You should contact support, as you will get faster resolution this way.


Try few things below it may

Try few things below it may help you.

1.) Are you installing Netbackup with Administrator account ? (You might having problem because UAC)

2.) There can be many reasons for having this error. When the system has McAfee Enterprise Virusscan installed and configured. The “access protection” can block your and you can have this problem.

As suggested, Disable “access protection” while the install.


Steps for the installation..!!

Hi Mohammed,

I believe that the old database still exist so its not letting you install the netbackup.

However I am not too sure whether you actually have a catalog backup to restore netbackup.

First you have to remove Netbackup from the server i.e Registry.

You would also have to remove the veritas folder from the installation drive. 

For a fresh install you can try these steps and i think these show surely fix the problem:

For Windows Server:

1>Login as a Local Admin account.

2>The executable should not be on a shared location. So put the executables on the local drive of the server.

3>Go the C:\windows\Installer

This is a hidden folder so you would have to unhide all the files from files and folder options.

Into the Installer folder you would find some alphanumeric codes and open then deleted all of them which has netbackup in it.

4>Now right click browser.exe and perform the installation on Windows 2008 R2.

Hope this helps...if not then contact support!!