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problems reported in the reports


I have a few messages constantly being produced in the logs

Job ID 0 - Media Manager could not deassign media id 000008, retaining it in Netbackup database

Job ID 0 - Media Manager error 94, volume is not in specified pool, host = jaguar

these mean very little to me. Can someone please help me to stop these errors.


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Re: problems reported in the reports

Hi Matthew

This technote explains some reasons that take to this error.


Re: problems reported in the reports

Normally the combination of those errors indicates that a media server was not correctly decommissioned or was offline for a period of time.

If you have previously had a media server named jaguar (or if unsure), you should contact support and open a case requesting assistance with the cleanup of your databases.

In case you are interested there is a technote on how to decomission a media server :

For additional clues on whether or not this media server ever existed - you can run the following commands:

bpstulist -L
(that will list the storage units - look for one with a host connection named jaguar)

bpmedialist -mlist -l -h
(This will generate a list of tapes which have images that are not expired on them).