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prod and bak NIC on master, media & client

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We have 3 media and 1 master+media servers, all are having 2 NICs (prodution and backup) we installed a NBU client on windows and linux servers and these has only prod NIC, which are AWS hosted instances. 1. For these clients if we mention only below prod NIC entries as server list. then we are unable to connect NBU master/media and clients. we cannot see master/media client from NBU GUI under host properties. 2. if we mention only below prod NIC entries as server list. we can see master/media client connection from NBU GUI under host properties. Please tell me why the connection is not existing in case 1. what is the issue.


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Hello Bharath,



Have you tried to use bpcoverage and bpcltncmd command?


It tells you what kind of issue you may find in your network.

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If clients only have access to prod network, it makes sense that they will only be able to communicate with master and media servers on prod hostnames.

Same as recommendations in your other post:

Speak to network admins.
Get a network diagram as per my recommendation in above post...

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Please ignore this question ,


there was some misconfiguration from network team and hence it was not routing.