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pure disk

my question is related to pure disk

pure disk is used for dedeuplication purpose.for supose other ost technologies like (emc,netapp) recivies the data form client and starts the dedeuplicats ,but in the netbackup level how it deduplicates the using the pure disk

nebackup software had a inbuilt option of dedeuplication technology.if mount 1tb of external lun from any storage box  to my media server and i create the MSDP STU. It deduplicates the data by using of NBU inbuilty dedeuplication technology ?


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Re: pure disk

PureDisk is NetBackup's built-in deduplication technology and is activated by license key and MSDP config.

I don't really understand what your question is... maybe you want to read the intro pages of NBU Media Server Dedupe Guide for explanation of how dedupe works in NBU?

Re: pure disk

Netbackup client has built in client side deduplication for puredisk (MSDP), where as OST plugin start deduplicating data at the media server level.

Re: pure disk

what is exact difference between media server deuplicaition and pure disk?

In my media server had E drive of 1TB can I  configure it has a   MSDP  STU

Re: pure disk

If you already have MSDP STU then there is nothing else to configure.
MSDP use PureDisk technology.

MSDP = Media Server Deduplication = PureDisk.

PLEASE read through the intro pages of the Media Server Deduplication Guide as per my previous suggestion.
Links to manuals in Handy NBU Links in my signature.