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push installation linux clients

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hi team

lets say i install NetBackup client binaries files ( on my Flex Appliance Master Server

what's the next steps to push installation from my Master Server to a linux client?

btw some clients support only 8.2 version



Pretty sure you'd just populate the nbrepository (nbrepo) with the client binaries you want and you can push client upgrades out that way.

[root@master admincmd]# ./nbrepo -list
ID Type Version OS File Name
-- ------------- ------- ------------- -----------------------------------
1 server+client 8.2 redhat_x64 vxupdate_nb_8.2_redhat_x64.sja
6 server+client 8.2 solaris_sparc vxupdate_nb_8.2_solaris_sparc.sja
10 server+client 8.2 solaris_x64 vxupdate_nb_8.2_solaris_x64.sja
14 server+client 8.2 suse_x64 vxupdate_nb_8.2_suse_x64.sja
19 server+client 8.2 windows_x64 vxupdate_nb_8.2_windows_x64.sja
24 client 8.2 hpux_ia64 vxupdate_nbclient_8.2_hpux_ia64.sja
34 server+client windows_x64 vxupdate_nb_8.3.0.1_windows_x64.sja
47 server+client redhat_x64 vxupdate_nb_8.3.0.1_redhat_x64.sja
54 server+client suse_x64 vxupdate_nb_8.3.0.1_suse_x64.sja
61 server+client 9.1 windows_x64 vxupdate_nb_9.1_windows_x64.sja
67 server+client 9.1 redhat_x64 vxupdate_nb_9.1_redhat_x64.sja
74 server+client 9.1 suse_x64 vxupdate_nb_9.1_suse_x64.sja
[root@master admincmd]# ./nbrepo

Usage: NetBackup package repository utility

nbrepo -a | -add <package_path>
nbrepo -d | -delete <package_identifier>
nbrepo -l | -list
nbrepo -p | -pkgDetails <package_identifier>
nbrepo -h | -help

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are you sure it is supported on a flex master server?
I can not find any document for that. I do not expect to treat a flex master as a BYO master.
With netbackup appliances, you have clish commands to create the repository.

Also, if I'm correct you can not push install clients with nbrepo. Only upgrade them.
Said that, netbackup client binaries are missing from the flex master. (at /usr/openv/client). On any other master server BYO or netbackup appliance, they are present. At least for the same platform.

So my second question. Can we install client software on a flex master server (eg linux or AIX binaries) So we can push install them?

Are both, repo or client binaries installation supported?


@StefanosM Correct, nbrepo only upgrades clients, does not install 'fresh' clients. I honestly haven't really dug into this to much. I don't have a flex appliance as a master server, only as a storage server (WORM) and 1 media server is deployed from it as well.


If you are just wanting to push the client out to new servers, why not just move client binaries to the master server and then scp the files from the master to the client. You'd could automate that with an input list that goes line by  line of clients. Obviously that is just moving the files, not actually installing it but that could be automated as well.

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the client installation file is 4GB and you must have at least 8GB free for the copy and the extraction.
pushing the installation from the master or a media server is more convenient.

I had open a case to support if it is supported to install client binaries or repo to flex, before a week. Now the case is at the developers. When I have their answer, I will post it here 


@StefanosM Keep us updated 

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After 3 weeks talking with multiple veritas support engineers from all levels we close the case.
It was a funny ride, as we got all kind of answers.

Finally and after escalation a very good engineer take the case and we have answers.

  • we can use nbrepo and deployment policies to upgrade netbackup clients as on any other netbackup BYO server. Be aware of master server's disk space as it is limited and you may need to expand it.

  • We can NOT populate client binaries to the flex master server and we can not push install Linux and Unix clients from master server. This is by design, they will add it to the manuals or create a technote.

From my experience, there are some workarounds to this

I hope that this will help you and others having the same "problem"