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pushing unix clients

Level 4

Netbackup 7.7.3

When adding a new client, previously i would push install the client using the ssh method.

/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/install_client_files ssh unixclient099

That was fine and dandy because root was trusted between systems.  We have had to harden the environment up a bit and they don't allow the root trust anymore.  In fact I cannot ssh as root from the backup server to a client at all even if I provide the password.


So what is the best way to install these clients now?



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Any kind of product installation needs root access. That is an OS requirement, not NetBackup.

A workaround could be to extract the software on a central server and share via NFS. 
Each client would then need to mount the share and install locally.

Upgrades should still be possible using update_clients as it does not use ssh.

Level 3

Our Setup,

Puppet is helping us in pushing the clients softwares for UNIX servers.

Microsoft SCCM is  used for Windows clients.

Level 6


Paul, like you we are in a hardened area covering many apsects and such. What we've had to do was setup a "trusted" Linux server that would allow us to use "wget http://....file_name" from the trusted server from another Linux client. We pull the software across the network to an LZ that we setup on the new host (i.e. /u01/nbu_sw). From there we simply gunzip the bundle, untar the tar archive file, and do the install. Once completed, we just removed the /u01/nbu_sw directory and it's contents. Takes longer to pull the files across than it does to do all the steps for the install. :) 

For client side upgrades, we simply "restore" the upgrade s/w bundle from a backup to the "client" and then upgrade the client from the client side. This has proven to be quick and easy over several hundred clients. :)