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"Busy File Action" UNIX Only Feature - That is CRWAP!

Level 4
What is that last line!!! "UNIX CLIENTS ONLY" . Come on Veritas! Not everyone has UNIX.

Busy File Action
The Busy File Action property directs the action that NetBackup performs on busy files when busy-file processing is enabled by selecting Process Busy Files on this dialog. On a UNIX client, the value in the user's $HOME/bp.conf file takes precedence if it exists.

Send e-mail: Directs NetBackup to mail a busy file notification message to the user specified in the Operator's E-mail Address field in this dialog.
Retry the Backup: Directs NetBackup to retry the backup on the specified busy file. The number of times NetBackup will attempt the backup is determined by the Retry Count value.
Ignore: Directs NetBackup to exclude the busy file from busy file processing. The file will be backed up and a log entry indicating that it was busy will appear in the All Log Entries report.
This property appears for UNIX clients only.