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"premature eof encountered " output from bpimagelist -M

Level 3
Hi Everyone. I'm running two Master servers. NBU version is all 6.5.4 and OS type of master is AIX and Windows2K3. AIX(5.3 power) master hostname is server1 and Windows(win2k3 x64) master hostname is server2. I'm want to be getting the server2's bpimagelist and bpdbjobs output on server1. So, I added the SERVER entry(server1) to windows master (registry) Then I had executed the command "bpdbjobs -M server2" and "bpimagelist -M server2 -L" on server1. bpdbjobs output is listed successfully on server1. But bpimagelist out is just "premature eof encountered" I don't understand why bpimagelist output is like above. If I execute the bpimagelist on server2(windows), the result is normal. Could you resolve this problem? Or I want to be getting the all work arrounds. Thanks in advance. Hongmo Kim

Level 6

Did you add SERVER  = server2 entry to bp.conf on server1 ??