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"waited for full buffer" and "waited for empty buffer" in bptm log?

Level 4
How do I determine if the "number of times bptm has to wait" in the following buffers is good or bad?

These are what I found in the bptm log:

waited for empty buffer 5 times, delayed 7 times, read 29259776 bytes - the highest number for empty buffer is 7 and delayed times is 20.

waited for full buffer 14197 times, delayed 18394 times - these are the highest numbers I found.

Level 6
waited for full buffer 14197 times, delayed 18394 times...
BPTM is waiting for data from the source so data is not arriving fast enough. add multiplexing

Here is an excelent white paper on tuning by George Winter October 23, 2003

Also good technotes:
NET_BUFFER_SZ, SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS and NUMBER_DATA_BUFFERS - how they work and how to configure them

DOCUMENTATION: How to configure buffers for NetBackup in a Windows NT/2000 environment to improve performance

Level 4

So as long as the "waited for full buffer" appears in the bptm log, it means data not arriving fast enough. The numbers don't matter?

Level 6
There may always be some waiting. you currently are waiting for a number that is 5 digits long. Thats a little high. I would try to get it down to 3 or 4 digits.