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replicate Veritas Netbackup file systems to sync NBDB and catalog images


We have a Veritas NetBackup DR server on different site, same Linux OS and same version of NBU 8.1.1 intalled. I just wonder if we can replicate "/usr/openv" and "/usr/openv/netbackup/db" from production master to DR server to sync the "nbdb" and "catalog images" on the DR server.

With some testing, looks we had issus to start "nbdb" and "web service console". Believe the certifications may cause the issues. we have option to import the "nbdb" from staging on replicated file systems.

Bottom line, looks for a way to relocate catalog images to DR server, when we run full catalog recover later, we can skip the catalog images restore to save time.

I know this is not officially supported method by Veritas, but if we can make it work, will save us a lot of time on DR situation. can anybody share your experience?

thanks in advance!


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HI @FlyMountain 

If you want to avoid catalog import or recovery in case of DR, Netbackup AIR is the way to go. Prerequisites is MSDP pools.

Off the text book solution, can work - I have done a fair part of my own, but you need to test and document the process, and ensure other are trained as well. And if it doesn't work, then there is not much help to get from Veritas product support.

To sync flat files between hosts - rsync is the tool to use.


thanks for your reply.

Yes, we do have AIR target server set up on DR site as well, only selected data replicated.

We still look for a quick way to recover production master on DR site in case we will need it.

What you are suggesting used to work really well, you could even use CNAMES to make the switch between PROD and DR even simpler. Then Veritas introduced certificates.

As has been suggested using rsync would be the way to replicate the structure, what you will need to do as well for DR is to rename the server to the same hostname as the prod master. Then it shoudl just work, although as stated, this is not supported. 

If by chance the master is a VM, then replicating the VM from Prod to DR is much the same process and this is something that is supported (as the masterr is not changing even if it may need a IP chnage).

On the IP change - you may want to change the TTL for the master to something low in DNS so IP changes will propagate more quickly. You still have to manage the NetBackhp host cache (either by reducing its expiry time or running the bpclntcmd -clear_host_cache as required).

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Have you looked at Veritas NetBackup™ in Highly Available Environments Administrator's Guide ?

There is a section called About NetBackup catalog replication with sub-heading :
About conditions for support of replicated NetBackup catalogs
This section lists the conditions for support of replication of catalogs that includes supported replication technologies.
It also lists the folders that should be moved to a dedicated volume that must be replicated with supported 'write order fidelity' technology. 

The next chapter covers the network stuff - Deploying NetBackup master servers with full catalog replication.

The 8.1.2 manual seems to have more practical info which is for some reason omitted from 8.2 manual. 
Certificates are not covered in this section - wonder if it is assumed that certificates will be replicated along with rest of catalogs?  Certificates are covered in other sections of the manual - probably worth having a look.