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restore active directory

Level 4
I'am trying to make a restore of active directory (win 2000 server) of my Domain Controller
to another machine (with the same hardware, the servers are identical).
I have made a backup of system state of my domin controller in enviroment production with netbackup 5.0 MP5.
Now I must a restore on another machine (same hardware and not in the network): enviroment test.

The problem is that when I use use the command: Bprecover –r 1 –ev (media name) –d dlt2 for restore my catalog backup of the enviroment production, I must put the name machine of my master server as the enviroment production. But also best practive microsoft restore report, that the name (and also ip adress) of the restore active directory must be as name of the domain controller.
Finally the name of master server is not same that name machine of my domain controller...

Is there a procedure for resolve this problem?



Level 2
To test active directory restores you will need two machines. 1) a replica NetBackup master/media server, and 2) a machine to restore your A/D onto.

First thing is this, you can't usually restore onto a differently named machine. The "bprecover" command has a "-dhost" so that you can send the recovery to another box, but this isn't much use. Anyway, you'll have all sorts of problems afterwards with global database issues, devices, media, storage units etc... I would stick with recovering the catalog to a machine of the same name and same IP address. N.B. note carefully, that when you use "bprecover" the target/receiving/restoring master server MUST use the same installation path as your production server - i.e. you cannot recover from tape "C:\Program Files\Veritas\..." to "D:\Program FIles\Veritas\..." - I know, I've tried - it can't be done. E.g. if your installtion is like ours, and we have our installtation on "D:\Veritas" then the master server that you recover must also be installed on "D:\Veritas".

I'm in the middle of testing a domain controller recovery too. I've got a completely physically separate LAN for testing, i.e. a test rig of about eight servers and clients. The wholw process of testing is a lot easier if you stick to same names and IP addresses - BUT, you MUST ensure that the two networks never meet - otherwise toy'll certainly have real problems with two DC's of the same name and IP address !!!

I looked at using IDR to test recovery of a DC and several Lotus Domino servers, but I found IDR next to useless. I looked at BMR v4.7 (i.e. for NetBackup v5.x) - but you need Unix servers to host various things. Luckily NetBackup v6.0 has BMR v6.0 and you can do it all in Windows now. I've tested recovering a Win2003 SP1 Std Server client and a WinXP SP2 client - and the combination of NetBackup v6.0 and BMR v6.0 works well - it's actually fairly easy - IF you get the setup right.

I'm right in the middle of trying to recover my A/D domain controller, and I'm nearly there, except for an issue with NIC driver not available for Win2003, anyway - that's my problem.

Don't foget that when restoring your A/D you will need to ;
a) After recovering System_State: and C:\ to boot into "Directory Services Restore Mode"
b) Run "ntdsutil"
c) Enter "authoritative restore"
d) Enter "restore database"
e) Click "yes"
f) Wait a few minutes (maybe longer if you have a huge A/D)
g) Enter "quit" and "quit"

I'm trying to use a BMR "postrestore" external procedure to do this for me. Hopefully soon I'll just have to pop in a CD, boot, answer two questions - and hey presto - a recovered domain controller.

Good luck with yours.

I'd recommend BMR v6.0 so far, and don't forget to read the manuals at least twice, it makes the whole learning curve alot easier if you read the manuals.

Level 4
Thank's a loto for your answear.
You are very Kind!!