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restore - fails with 92

Level 3

I'm trying to do a restore from a backup that was done on a media server where I have set SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS is set to 262144 and NUMBER_DATA_BUFFERS is set to 16, but restore fails with - NO TAR header found. Any help would be very appreciated...Thanks, Maria

Level 6
Quite likely, the NUMBER_DATA_BUFFERS and/or SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS have been changed on the NetBackup Server. However, there is another parameter, NUMBER_DATA_BUFFERS_RESTORE that needs to be added and it should have the same value as the NUMBER_DATA_BUFFERS

If backups were written to the tape drive using a SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS higher than what the hardware can handle, then change the SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS value to meet hardware requirements and then create the /usr/openv/netbackup/db/config/FIXED_LENGTH_BLOCK touch file and retry the restore. was edited by:
Bob Stump

Level 6
Another suggestion...
...occasionally monitor the bptm log file.
Especially if you notice a drastic change in Kbytes/sec during backups. It also doesn't hurt to do an occasional test restore to a temp directory.