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restore from Cloud Tier (ECS)

Level 4

Dear all ,

When NetBackup wants to restore/verify or duplicate it requests the image file from the DataDomain, as that is where NetBackup believes it resides,  however as the data has bene moved to the Cloud Tier (ECS) by the data domain it ends up having a media open or media read error, as the data domain doesn't contain the files/data that NetBackup expects it to have. We have proven that if we recall ALL the files that make up an image to the Data Domain (manualy) then the restore/verify or duplication activity can continue as we would expect in NetBackup, but unless we MANUALY recall ALL the files that make up that image it will FAIL.


So is there any way that this can be automated from the DataDomain to make sure that all the data is back when it is needed?


Level 6

Hi @brice1 

What's the error - Im guessing some type of timeout problem but knowing this may help. 

Have you asked Dell, why this happens and if they have a fix - as they are responsible for managing the data between the active and cloud tiers - NetBackup has no knowledge of what the Data Domain is doing in the back end. 

From what I understand, to perfrom a restore, the data must be present on the active tier (I don't believe it can be restored directly from the cloud tier - which kind of sucks). Some Dell products such as NetWorker must understand the tiering and can automatically perform the recall operation to bring the data back to the active tier. The OST interface between NetBackup and the Data Domain I would assume doen't do this (at the moment). This OST interface is written by Dell/EMC so is their responsibility to fix.