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Dear experts,

Suddenly there is a requirment that i need to restore a specific file from a backup in commendline.If is there any single command to meet the requirment?


waiting for valuable rply.

thanking you


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Various options depending on your exact requirements. From the man page:

     /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bprestore  [-A  |  -B]  [-drs]  [-F
          file_options]  [-K]  [-l  |  -H  |  -y]  [-r]  [-T] [-L
          progress_log [-en]] [-R rename_file]  [-C  client]  [-D
          client] [-S master_server] [-t policy_type] [-p policy]
          [-s   date]   [-e    date]    [-w    [hh:mm:ss]]    [-k
          "keyword_phrase"]  -f listfile | filenames [-cm] [-drs]
          [-md] [-td temp_dir] [-spsredir_server  hostname]  [-BR
          portal_name | teamsite_name] [copy -x]


A couple of examples of what you can achieve:

How to restore files from the command line using the bprestore command

How to run bprestore from the command line to restore information to an alternate path and/or client

Hi Budy,   You can restor

Hi Budy,


You can restor from Master server by using "BP" command..


       NetBackup 6.5

            Master Server:


               Main Menu
               ---- ----
            b) Backup...
            r) Restore...

            h) Help
            q) Quit

            ENTER CHOICE:


By using above command line menu, you can restore required files..


Updating the path

Updating the path now.




Interesting, does is works in

Interesting, does is works in Windows master? because i didnt notice the directory "bp" in the install path.

*NIX only I think.

Same with bpadm .....