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restored a duplicate image

I have made a duplicate of all my backup jobs. I have also made duplicate of catalog media.
Now I am trying to restore all jobs in another server (different of my master server).
I have given of my restore server the same name of my master server (the machine is not in network, because I have a driver unit separate) and I have used bprecover command for restore catalog media:

bprecover -r ALL -m DP428S -d dlt2

The recover is Ok.
Now I have not understood as I can restored my backup. Import in 2 phases?

thank's a lot

I Have veritas netbackup 5.0 MP5 for win 2000 server
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Re: restored a duplicate image

You do not have to do the import phases because the bprecover already rebuilt the catalog for you. You now need to promote copy2 (duplicate) to become the primary copy for restores.

1. determine backup images on the tape bpimmedia -mediaid
2. to view the "primary copy" to be used for restore bpimagelist -L backupid yourname_101100110 | grep Primary
3. to promote duplicate copy to primary bpimage -npc 2 backupid yourname_101100110 -client yourname
4. redo step 2 to confirm

Re: restored a duplicate image

Thank's Bob for your suggest.
I have only one questions. What do you intend for backupid yourname_101100110?

thank's again


Re: restored a duplicate image

yourname will be your client's name
the number is a timestamp number (ctime) associated to the image

you will see something similiar when you do step 1
bpimmedia -mediaid Message was edited by:
Bob Stump

Re: restored a duplicate image

Thank's Bob for you help!!!