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restoring an Exchange 2007 database after the server role has been uninstalled

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I spoke with Microsoft about the mimimun requirements for restoring an Exchange 2007 database in an Exchange 2010 environment.

Essentially, what 2007 roles can I uninstall and still restore a 2007 database.  The response was a server with the mailbox and CAS roles.

We have multiple mailbox roles and given that the discussion didn't include what the Symantec Netbackup requirements are, I'm wondering if the answer is complete.

If I uninstall an Exchange 2007 mailbox role from the Exchange organization, can I still use Netbackup to restore a mailbox from a database that resided on that server on another 2007 server using its Recovery Storage Group?

If we take a simple scenario, an environment without any 2007 roles, can your restore a 2007 database if you decide to install a new 2007 mailbox role with a new server name?

What are the Netbackup conditions that must pertain to restore an  Exchange 2007 database using a Recovery Storage Group?

Do you need a server with the same server name when it was backed up because Netbackup is aware of the path of the database and expects to see it in AD and it needs to restore to that path?









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I have an answer which I'm sure is complete:


The RSG is designed for mailbox database recovery under the following conditions and scenarios:

  • The logical information about the storage group, database, and the mailboxes in the database remains intact and unchanged in Active Directory.


Can't delete any databases from AD if I want to restore them. 

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I would have thought that it is possible to restore any mailbox database to any suitable MS Exchange Server of the same version (i.e. of the same version that the backup came from) - without having to worry about whether AD is populated.  Otherwise, what's the point of backing them up if one is only able to restore to an MS Exchange server in the same domain which retains unchanged AD structures?

I'm sure I'm probably wrong with part of this, but then your statement doesn't seem to be valid to me either.

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This is from the article:

It also says:


"Recovering a database on a server other than the original server for that database. If needed, you can then merge the recovered data back to the original server."


but, as I read it, the original server has to be there.