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'shadow copy components'

Hello, When we use ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES, the backup is blocked because of the components 'shadow copy components' with the status code 50

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Re: 'shadow copy components'


Please give us more info.

What do you mean with 'the backup is blocked' ? Do you mean the backup is failing?

You have selected NBU 7.6 as the version and Windows 8 as the OS.

Are you really using NBU 7.6 that reached EOSL in 2017?
What exacly is on Windows 8 - the client failing with status 50?

Re: 'shadow copy components'

Have you run a backup of just the Shadow Copy Components successfully via NBU ? Are all VSS writers stable or is one of them showing an error ?

Re: 'shadow copy components'


Can you double-check the OS version that you are trying to backup?
Confirm that it's not 'Home Edition'.

I have just checked the NBU 7.6 OS SCL.
See screenshot below (the document is no longer available on Veritas web site):



Windows 8.JPG