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snapvault - oracle backup failed with 29

Level 4

Netbackup 7.5 ( solaries Masterserver  ) in that snapvault - oracle windows backup failed with 29

Previous backups successful.  How to trouble shoot.. on this new data store create may be that is the cause backup failed.

I think need to add the required hosts in the configureation file ? Please suggest with detailed steps for trouble shooting..



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Please tell us more detail about your environment like policy type, policy configuration, how SnapVault relates to this backup, etc... If I remember right there are no options that works in conjunction with NetApp SnapVault. 

If you uave never enabled debug logging, enable it on each host and run backup again. there shouldne any clue in debug logs.

Level 4


Policy type Oracle.

Used bash script for backup selection.

Netapp - snapvault...

designer comments :

"New datastores were monted on each hosts of the cluster, and Secondary snapvault backups are failing.
We have attached the error logs also the new data store that was created yesterday, kindly add the required hosts in the configuration file so that Snapvault secondary backup can resume as before."

what need to do Netbackup side. which host need to add ? suggest ?



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Status 29 is normally a permission issue. 
NetBackup Client service should be started as Oracle user.

You have still not given us enough info.
Please post policy config for Oracle and 'Secondary snapvault backup':

bppllist <policy-name> -U

We need to understand how these backups are supposed to work and how the 'Secondary snapvault backup' is related to the Oracle backup.

The backup scripts may also help us understand.

Please post the script and the 'error logs' referred to in your previous post.
(Copy script and logs to text file (.txt) and post as File attachments.)

We have no idea what this means:

kindly add the required hosts in the configuration file...

What configuration file? 
Which 'required hosts'?
Ask the person who requested this.
Or show him/her this discussion and ask to partake so that we can get a better understanding of the backup process.


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Often with database backups running the script manually can give an indication of what the problem is

Have you copied the script ? something like that can make the execution right disappear, which would generate a status 29

The standard questions: Have you checked: 1) What has changed. 2) The manual 3) If there are any tech notes or VOX posts regarding the issue